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1What is LASIK Live?
LASIK Live is a downloadable app provided by Updegraff Laser Vision that lets you stream your LASIK procedure live for your family and friends to watch. LASIK Live is an optional feature provided by the Updegraff team to enhance the LASIK process for our patients.
2How does LASIK Live work?
LASIK Live by Updegraff Laser Vision streams your procedure in real time through a video camera located in the procedure room. This live feed connects through our LASIK Live app and lets you share your LASIK experience with your loved ones.
3Who is able to see me on LASIK Live?
Only the people you invite and give your personalized password to will be able to see the live feed of your procedure. Each procedure is password protected with a different personalized password to ensure privacy. If you do not sign up for LASIK Live, no one will be able to view your procedure.
4How do I invite people to view my procedure through LASIK Live?
Using LASIK Live by Updegraff Laser Vision is easy. Just download the app, click the “share” button and input the emails of the people you want to invite. They will be sent an email with the access information to watch your live feed. If you have more questions about LASIK Live or you would like to speak with the Updegraff Laser Vision team, please contact us.